1. tumbledore:

    Some guy “de-shook” Star Trek turbulence 

  2. motherjones:

    After the catastrophic blast yesterday, this Czech bakery in West, Texas stayed open all night, serving hot kolaches to injured victims. 


  3. mattbors:

    Hey, I reviewed a terrible movie for Wired—with illustrations!

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the action blockbuster currently in theaters, has about the same action-to-plot ratio as a small boy playing with G.I. Joes in his bedroom for hours on end. If you understand this — that the film aspires to be nothing more than a $135 million version of a kid playing with his toys — it’s pretty damn enjoyable. Need to know more?

    Retaliation commence.


  4. colchrishadfield:

    Just a few hundred kilometers away: Seoul, South Korea, a glowing hive of human activity welcoming in a new year.

  5. daveshumka:

    Holy shit! That dog is carrying an umbrella!

    I saw some lady downtown with a dog doing this. I told her it was amazing, and she said, ‘He refuses to let go of the umbrella. He just acts smug and carries it around. I have to wear a raincoat all the time’.

  6. colchrishadfield:

    When you open a can of nuts in space, they almost look alive.

  10. grimmm:

    Why me?

    Gouache on watercolour paper


    (via topherchris)