1. Freaks and Geeks Reunion

    Why hello there, Lindsay Weir

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    Mick and Bianca Jagger

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    he extraordinary specimen is the larvae of the pink underwing moth, an endangered species only found in the Australian rainforest. Ecologist Lui Weber photographed the rare caterpillar, which is characterised by a set of teeth-like markings set between spots that look like eyes with large pupils. Picture: Lui Weber/Rex Features

  4. waytoomuchportland:

    Your flyer makes absolutely no sense. Congratulations!

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    a pretty solid combination of two of my favorite things.  DAWGGIES AND STAH WAWS

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  6. thebluthcompany:

    The Bluths are back.


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  7. peterberkman:

    chvrches - the mother we share

    unbelievably obsessed with this band - check out the other jam they’ve got posted too. damn

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    Yo Mr. White…


  9. disney just deleted all the comments on the video and made all new comments ‘pending approval’

    support the anamanabros. refer to this post

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    as strange as our weird website might be, there’s nothing funny about the thought of a future blueprinted by people who look to turn the clock back on progress. there are people who care for and will fight for all of us, regardless of how deep our pockets are, what our gender is, the color of our skin, who we choose to love and all the other qualities that should unite us, but have been used by some to divide us as of late. if after informing yourself on this incredibly important decision you feel the same way (and, truthfully, even if you don’t), make your voice heard.

    while the verdict might still be out on hands, there is no such thing as a tiny vote. 

    we love you all. -oth

    an earnest message from one tiny hand